Marketing Automation Tools

Useful to generate the best return from all your channels.

It is more of a CRM than a Marketing Automation tool. Perhaps it lacks a bit of functionality at the tracking level, triggers and more complex campaigns. But it is very useful due to its basic functionality and, if you already work with Zoho, how CRM can you take advantage of it.

Global market leader in CRM and Marketing Automation. It is more complex to use than what your videos suggest. Having acquired several data platforms, performance adds a very large robustness and capacity. For data ecosystems and advanced users.

All-in-one tool for those who want to manage tasks, sales pipelines as well as automation and welcome flows. Good functionality and management both B2C and B2B.

European tool with very good quality of shipping reputation. They have added very good cross-channel functionality (Email, SMS, Landing Pages) useful for the current Marketer. In addition to a highly recommended local support.

Basic tool to learn and start working on automation easily and without initial cost (Depending on the size of the DB). Use for both B2B and B2C

Omnichannel Marketing Automation Platform that wants to compete with the Top Tier based on constant new functionality and good support. They have a good integration with ecommerce and a very interesting funnel functionality for info products and digital services.

Highly recommended Gmail plugin for B2B. It allows you to generate communication campaigns, filter, segment and trigger emails based on behavior.

All-in-one tool. Its strength is the integration of multiple channels, including APP push. By adding channels you lose a bit of control over them, but you gain insight into the user contact points with each of them.No tienen soporte local en Español.

Another Gmail Plugin that allows you to define, without leaving gmail, a good Marketing, Sales, or practically any objective pipeline. It allows you to work with your same email account and easily segment your communications.

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