CRM - Sales Tools
and Customer Life Cycle

CRM - Sales Tools and Customer Life Cycle

CRM - Useful Sales Tools to manage the life cycle of the commercial client with your commercial procedures.

All-in-one tool for those who want to manage tasks, sales pipelines as well as automation and welcome flows. Good functionality and management both B2C and B2B.

Global market leader in CRM and Marketing Automation. It is more complex to use than what your videos suggest. Having acquired several data platforms, performance adds a very large robustness and capacity. For data ecosystems and power users and large business networks.

We mention it for capability in Marketing Automation but where it excels is in CRM. Zoho allows you to integrate everything you need to manage the customer lifecycle starting with basic free functionality to the most complex cycles.

Ventas, pipeline, estimaciones, facturación y marketing per un precio muy razonable.

Tool of Indian origin that started with Customer Success and was adding functionality to its ecosystem until landing in the Mid-market USA with great success. It allows a great integration with the rest of its ecosystem (support and ticketing, Marketing) to offer good functionality in the management of the customer's life cycle.

Ideal customer lifecycle tool for B2B. It allows unifying contacts, accounts and opportunities with many customization options and adaptation to any model. In addition, it has good functionality to define and trigger communication flows, metrics and analysis of business performance. They do not have local support, but it is very easy to use and intuitive.

Open source platform very interesting for its connection with ERP and production systems. If this is your case and you want to have a 360 view of your sales cycle, a very interesting solution. Precisely because of the integration of financial, logistical and production processes, its implementation can be more complex.

Sugar CRM was one of the first contacts with the CRM world that we had more than 10 years ago. Powerful and flexible Open Source solution with a powerful community and multiple success stories.

A lot of functionality to take care of the user with a 360º vision.

Game changer in the CRM market in B2B Marketing and Sales processes. Most current products have "drunk" from its disruption. They understand like no one else and coined the Inbound Marketing concept and offer powerful functionality throughout the Marketing and Sales cycle. Very easy to set up and use. Many resources, courses and highly recommended material even if you work with other platforms. Its cost may seem high if the volume and maturity of the project is not adequate. They do not have local support in Spanish.

Another Gmail Plugin that allows you to define, without leaving gmail, a good Marketing, Sales, or practically any objective pipeline. It allows you to work with your same email account and easily segment your communications.

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This is an example of the set of Marketing Automation
tools that we work with.
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This is an example of the set of Marketing Automation tools that we work with.
Do not hesitate to write to us!